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Why should I use CellSmash for a repair?

If your smartphone or devices are precious to you it is important to find a way to replace or repair them when accidents happen, especially if you rely on your smart devices to help you through life. Our CellSmash technicians undergo strict training processes and regular testing to ensure they have the experience and qualifications to repair almost all leading devices. With nearly 500,000 repairs to date, we are a trusted repair centre that take our pride in the quality of our services. If you aren’t happy with a repair contact us using the form at the bottom of the page.

We pride ourselves on our express repair service. Our most popular repairs can be completed in any of our Service Centres within 30 minutes, whilst some tablet, laptop and postal repairs could take between 48-72 hours. We will try our very best to get your devices returned to you looking as good as new in as little time as possible. Obviously, if there is significant damage to a device your repair may take a little longer as our expert repairs team get to work on ensuring your device is fixed to a high standard.

We always recommend that you back-up your device before visiting us because in the worst case scenario we may contact you to ask for your approval for your data to be wiped from the device if a repair requires it. The good thing is, we don’t need you to wipe your data before your repair with us unless you’ve chosen to have a Genuine Apple repair or you’re having your Google Pixel 6 repaired under warranty. All other devices can be sent to us as they are and we will deal with the rest so that you can be sure that your device is in good hands.

We understand that you want to ensure that your repairs are done correctly and to a high standard that is why there is a lifetime warranty on most of our device repairs. Please do check our terms and conditions for more details on which devices come under warranty and for how long your warranty period lasts.


Our walk-in services allow you to have your phone repaired straight away and in as little as 30 minutes! You can see the time required for each repair when you book on our website. This time takes into account how many customer repairs we are currently dealing with as an estimate at your chosen repair centre so that you know exactly how long you may be expecting to wait.


Like most third-party repair services, use of our service can sometimes void your manufacturer’s warranty. The good news is that we provide our own warranty for all of our repairs! Just be sure to check the specific terms and conditions for your device.

Yes, we advise that any size of crack should be repaired as if left it can cause further damage to your screen and you can be at risk of glass splinters when using your device. We offer a full-screen replacement regardless of the size of the crack in your screen and most of our screen replacements come with a lifetime warranty so that you can walk away knowing that your are fully covered.

Phone screen repair costs can vary based on the device type and device size as well as parts used during the repair process. Larger devices and larger screens or speciality screens that include curvature or have the ability to fold will require a more specialised repair service and so may be more expensive to fix due to the labour required during the repair service. Phone screen repair prices can also differ between old and new device models, newer versions of a model may require updated parts that may not be as readily available as the parts used in older models and so this can effect the overall cost. At CellSmash, we have lots of offers and deals to help you find a quality phone screen repair for the best possible price.


Yes. CellSmash are an Authorised Service Partner for all out-of-warranty repair services for Samsung devices using genuine Samsung parts. CellSmash are also able to offer repair options using compatible Samsung parts that are put through a strict testing programme in order for them to meet our high quality standards, and each of our repairs are backed up by our own CellSmash warranty.


At CellSmash we aim to offer our customers the broadest range of repair options to suit all budgets. In the case of Android devices (e.g. Samsung, Google, Huawei, Oppo and OnePlus) our screens are manufacturer originals. In the case of Apple devices, we are able to offer customers the option of either manufacturer original or high quality compatible screens depending on the quality of repair you choose. All of our parts branded or otherwise are rigorously tested in order to meet our strict high quality repair standards so that you always get an excellent finish on your device.


Providing us with your pin or passcode ID before the repair is completely up to you! We advise that everyone provide this information to us as our technicians may need it to verify that the device is in full working order before you collect it! Our repairs usually undergo a series of tests to ensure that we are giving the device bakc to you in pristine condition and this includes touch sensitivity and camera quality which is why we may need to access your device via a PIN or passcode ID. At no time would our tech repair team access your personal information or intrude on your privacy. Our Privacy Policy is always available to view online to help you to protect yoru data when using our services.


Yes! You can contact our customer service team easily.. Also take a look at our warranty guidance.

We’re all excited when we find a great deal! At CellSmash we want to offer our customers the very best value for money whilst also providing a high quality repairs service. Take a look at the latest offers available to you when booking with us today.

Although we use the same seals as your devices manufacturer when putting everything back together, we cannot guarantee water proofing or resistance. Other repair services will often say the same as the IP rating cannot be re-instated once a device has been opened up.


At CellSmash we try our very best to provide our customers with the best value for money and the best possible price for a quality repair service. However, our prices will vart depending on the parts used and the device you wish to repair. We will ask you when you book your repair appointment with us whether you would like us to use branded or standard compatible parts for your repair, branded parts are more likely to cost more but may provide you will an addition peace of mind. Our standard compatible parts do come at a lower cost but never at a lower quality. We ensure that every part we use goes through a strict testing scheme ready to be used in a repaired device. We also have some deals and offers for our customers to use when booking with us.


Iphone battery replacement is something that CellSmash specialise in and pride ourselves on. Many of our customers are unaware that their iphone battery can be replaced to ensure that their device is working to factory standards and as fast as possible. If your iPhone is loosing battery quickly throughout the day, or if you find yourself charging your iPhone constantly, or even if your device is running slower than it should do, then you may be in need of an iPhone battery replacement. The cost of this service can vary based on model, device type and the age of the device. If it is a newer iPhone model then battery replacements may be more costly. However if it is an older model, and is of standard size then iPhone battery replacement services with CellSmash come at a very reasonable cost.

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